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Flickr Downloader is a small software to help you download digital photos from Flickr album, as long as you input the URL of Flickr album, it will quickly find all photos in the album, then automatically download these photos to your computer.

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Support Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Freeware Download Here


  1. Setp 1
    Enter a URL of your Filckr photo album. Currently, this software supports the following web address type:
    • By user name or ID: https://www.flickr/photos/...
    • By set: https://www.flickr/photos/.../set/...
    • By tags: https://www.flickr/photos/.../tags/...
    • By favorites: https://www.flickr/photos/.../favorites/

  2. Setp 2
    Enter a folder, this folder will be used to save the downloaded photos, please make sure enough disk space is available.

  3. Setp 3
    Press the "Download" button to start, the download process details will be displayed in the "Download Log" zone. While downloading, you can press the "Stop" button to abort.

For Windows XP users, this software need .Net Framework 4.0 or later installed in your PC.

BTW, if you are a photography enthusiast, you can find some useful and free photo manipulation tools here: a online image converter, many photo formats supported, for example, it can convert your digital photos from RAW format to JPG/JPEG format, can support Cannon raw image, Nikon raw image and more.

Please note, currently, your default album page don't show all your photos, some other photos will be loaded dynamically, this software can only find and download photos that have be loaded initially.

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